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Black Sabbath – Born In Hell (1983)

CREATED WITH: METAL TROOPS FORM * ARTIST: Black Sabbath * ALBUM: Born In Hell* YEAR: 1983* GENRE: Heavy Metal* COUNTRY: United Kingdom* SERVER: Rapidshare* FILESIZE: 103 MB* FORMAT: MP3@CBR@192 KBPS TRACKLIST: 1. Children Of The Grave – 4.54 2. Hot … Seguir leyendo

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Testament – Live in Argentina (2007)

CREATED WITH: METAL TROOPS FORM * ARTIST: Testament * ALBUM: Live in Argentina * YEAR: 2007* GENRE: Thrash Metal* COUNTRY: USA* SERVER: Rapidshare* FILESIZE: 83 MB* FORMAT: MP3@CBR@128 KBPS TRACKLIST: 01. The Preacher 02. The New Order 03. The Haunting … Seguir leyendo

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